Full-body porcelain tiles are unglazed porcelain tiles made from natural clay.

As the name suggests, the whole body of the tile is the design, and the surface color of the whole body is the same. It is made from a mixture of refined natural clay and natural pigments of different colors. After going through sintering and pressing, homogeneous tiles are created from the mixture. The production process of these full-body vitrified tiles in India is quite similar to the process of natural rock formation from sediment.

With extensive experience in full-body tiles at Accion Overseas, we can offer a unique collection that adds aesthetic value to your space. Since these tiles are unglazed, they are highly resistant to slips, and abrasion resistance, and are highly wear and tear-resistant. Full-body porcelain tiles are available in glossy, matte, and rough finishes. Due to their rugged characteristics, they are widely used in high-traffic commercial spaces (outdoors).